My Chuckie Egg Remake History

A brief account of what led me to create several Chuckie Egg remakes and the motivations behind them.

Why Implement Chuckie Egg Using DHTML?

An explanation of why I chose DHTML to implement the first of my Chuckie Egg remakes.

Implementing DHTML Chuckie Egg

A complete description of how I implemented the DHTML version of Chuckie Egg. This articles contains lots of technical knowledge on writing DHTML games in general, tackling performance, audio issues, browser compatibility etc.

The Broken Egg

The incident of the mysterious broken egg!

Javascript Copy Protection

Various techniques for protecting your javascript code from theives and prying eyes.

Javascript LZW

A reference implementation of the LZW compression and decompression algorithms in javascript.

Javascript RLE

A reference implementation of run length encoding/decoding used to efficiently store the entire set of level designs for Chuckie Egg in a cookie.

Porting BBC model B Chuckie Egg to Windows and Linux

A description of process involved in getting a 100% accurate simulation of Chuckie Egg running under windows and Linux.