The Broken Egg

What is the mystical broken egg?

The aim of Chuckie Egg is to collect a dozen eggs. Every level has a dozen eggs, or does it? About sixteen years ago I was relaxing into a nice game of Chuckie Egg on my trusty Acorn Electron. I don't recall which level I was on, or how the following events transpired, but I basically glanced up to look at the top platform only to find that one of the eggs was broken. It was a long time ago, and my memory is vague but I have tried to sketch what the egg looked like.

Interestingly, I was able to complete the level, despite being unable to collect the egg (it was as if it didn't exist). I have never been able to reproduce the broken egg leading me to believe it was some sort of fluke but I can't help wonder whether or not the Acorn Electron version has this built into its program.

It seems rather coincidental that I was still able to complete the level. Perhaps I imagined it or maybe a power surge zapped a bit of memory which gave rise to these peculiar effects. My sister saw it too, so I would like to think that it is some hidden feature of the Acorn Electron version or simply a strange bug that eventually surfaced after having played the game for so many hours.