Chuckie Egg Remake History

Chuckie Egg Remake History

I was eight years old when I first played Chuckie Egg at a friend's house and continued playing it right the way through to high school where I took up the challenge of writing a version for the Acorn Archimedes. With the help of a school friend I got as far as writing a program to layout all the levels and display them (based on screen grabs from the BBC model B version). However, I abandoned the effort due to lack of time, experience and the fact that the BBC B emulator on the Archimedes emulated Chuckie Egg perfectly.

Visiting The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit sixteen years later rekindled my enthusiasm for Chuckie Egg and I decided to do my own remake(s) based on my favourite version - the Acorn Electron/BBC Model B version. I completed this work at the beginning of 2008, but it has taken a year to get round to publishing it for the benefit of everyone.


I was frustrated by the quality of the existing remakes available on the web. Being a Chuckie Egg fanatic, I had learned timings and tricks that didn't work on other remakes and I wanted as close to a perfect replica of the original as possible.

I tried the empirical approach first in the form of a DHTML implementation and later went onto a simulated solution based on the reverse engineering approach adopted by Micheal Foot for his RISC OS Chuckie Egg remake.